Are you an upcoming sophomore who is thinking about continuing with more school after high school? Here’s what you can work on this summer:

  • Ask if the PSAT/NMSQT is offered to 10th grade students at your school. Find out if you can take it in the fall so you can receive a score report to help improve your performance on the junior year exam that counts toward National Merit Scholarships.
  • Prepare for the SAT by reading books. Choose from novels, books of short stories or nonfiction as you prefer. The goal here is to increase your vocabulary and reading speed by reading regularly. Whatever reading you do will improve your skills.
  • Visit some nearby colleges or universities — preferably when summer classes are in session — to see if you like the campus, libraries, dorms and dining halls. Before you go, try to arrange a meet a faculty member in a department in which you’re interested .
  • Talk to your parents about budgeting for college. What they can contribute? What do they expect from you? What kind of financial aid will you need?
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