Are you a high school graduate who is thinking about continuing with more school? Here’s what you can work on this summer:

  • Arrange for your final high school transcript to be sent to your chosen college.
  • Are you seeking federal student aid? Apply as soon as you can, because Federal Stafford Loan processing may take eight weeks or more.
  • Make sure you have paid any deposits required to the college or university you will be attending, including those for housing and dining.
  • Attend orientation or course selection programs if they are scheduled before the fall term starts.
  • Plan your packing for college and get the things you will need for your dorm room.
  • If you are living at home while going to school, clean out your room for a new beginning. Make sure you have a comfortable study area that’s easy to keep organized. Check to ensure that you have a comfy space to work on your laptop (not just on your bed!).
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