Are you an upcoming freshman who is thinking about continuing with more school after high school? Here’s what you can work on this summer:

  • Unless your school registers freshmen at the beginning of the fall, make sure your class schedule is set for the fall. Meet with a school counselor over the summer if you have concerns. Enroll in five solid academic courses if you hope to go to college.
  • Find out if SAT Subject Tests are offered for any courses that you will take your freshman year. One secret to success with Subject Tests is taking the test close to the time that you finish the course, when many answers are still fresh in your mind.
  • Don’t get lost at the high school. See if you and a parent can visit over the summer to figure out where things are so you can get a feel for the campus. Call ahead to find out when the school is open.
  • Visit some college websites to get an idea of studies that might appeal to you in at a college or university.
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